Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Best Inexpensive Brushes

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There is an overwhelming number and brands of makeup brushes available. I have 4 picks for my favourite brushes from the drugstore.

ELF Studio Professional Brushes

You just can’t beat ELF at their price point, and the Studio Pro line is especially value for money as they deliver amazing quality for the price. My favourite is the PRO powder brush, which is actually an amazing foundation and blush brush as well. The bristles are compact and very soft.

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My first set of brushes were from Ecotools and I continue to use them until today. The distinctive bamboo look is really lovely and the brushes are well-made and designed. I really enjoy their eyeshadow brushes and would recommend their Starter kit. 


Zoeva is a fairly newer brand but the quality is just impeccable. Their brushes rival those of any luxury brand any day and they have an amazing rose gold set.

Real Techniques
Real Techniques is very popular on Youtube since their founders, Nic & Sam have a huge following on there. Their brushes are amazing quality and affordably priced and their version of the Beauty Blender (the Real Techniques Sponge) is also making waves in the beauty world. 

The good folks at have actually created a brush guide and personally tested out different brands to see which have come out top! If you are curious, check out their detailed guide here!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Review: Kose Babyish Mask

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Product: Kose Babyish Mask 

What I like about it:

What is striking is the amount of essence in the mask. The mask is thoroughly soaked and there is enough left in the packet to cover your entire neck and then some. 

The essence is a opaque white colour and is very moisturizing. 

What I dislike about it:

I generally prefer thin and soft masks. The material of this mask is quite thick.

Overall, this is a really effective mask that is wonderfully hydrating. 

Available here:

I highly recommend the Gold version which is plumping! I can definitely feel the lifting effect.

Rating: 5/5

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Review: Miniso Water Lip Balm and Essence (Natural Plant Oils)

Product: Miniso Water Lip Balm and Essence (Natural Plant Oils)

What I like about it:

Beautiful packaging, shiny gold tube and really cool lipstick surface. 

Colour is beautiful and the lip balm / gloss stick is really moisturizing. 

I would recommend it to anyone who wants an inexpensive and effective gloss-stick. 

Check out the full range of products here.

Rating: 5/5 

创尔美 Trauemy Mask and Skincare review

Product: 创尔美 Trauemy Collagen Mask, Revitalizing Lotion, Rose Essence Cleanser 

What I like about it:

I was introduced to this line in China. It is a clinical skincare line, targeted at sensitive skin and is highly reviewed on online Chinese shopping malls like T-mall. 

The Trauemy Collagen Multi-effect Repair Mask is quite famous for its effective ingredients. 

I am overall very impressed by the line and the research and care that has gone into the products. I would say that it is the Chinese equivalent of La Roche Posay. 

I've tried several products in the line because I got a big set during 11-11 sale (Black Friday equivalent) and I particularly like the Collagen Clear Revitalizing Lotion. It has a very interesting tacky gel texture but the moisturizing effects are incredible. The face mist is also wonderful. I do believe the "collagen" ingredients are effective.  

What I dislike about it:

Surprisingly, the masks didn't wow me despite the fact that it is one of the most hyped-about products. 

You can find Trauemy products here on their official website or on other online retailers. 

Rating: 4/5 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

2017 Black Friday Beauty Deals!

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2017 Black Friday Beauty Deals!

  • Teeth Whitening 

  • Skincare Devices 


3. Hair care

  • Skincare 

  • Make Up Picks 

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Korean Makeup Must-Haves and Luxury Dupes

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Korean makeup is fun and constantly innovating with new trends. Best of all, Korean makeup is pretty affordable with top-quality ingredients.

These are a few of my absolute favourite Korean makeup products that I use and love:
  • Lips
A girl can never have too many lip products and I tend to keep a lip product in every purse in case of emergencies ;) I really like Korean lip products because they are very functional, with high colour pay-off but moisturizing formula and they have amazing colours.

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I’m sure everyone is aware of Benefit’s lip tints and fortunately for us, Korean brands offers several quality dupes at a more affordable price point and with more shades! A highly recommended lip tint is from the brand PeriPera (available here). Other great brands include Etude House’s Darling Tint (another option here).

Another interesting product are two-tone lipsticks that help you achieve the lip gradient trend.

And to top it all off, a cute lip balm in the shape of a Peach!
  • Brows
Koreans take their brows seriously. The most popular brow tend is the “straight-brows” look which is said to make you look younger (some great brow pencils here).

I really enjoy brow-mascaras, which are a great way to tint your eyebrows to match your hair and really easy to use. Great options from Pony (amazing Youtuber and makeup artist), Etude House (also here) and if you are looking for budge-proof, long-lasting options, they have you covered as well with the “Tattoo” range from Clio.
  • Eyeshadow
When it comes to eyeshadow, I enjoy Korean brands because they often have interesting shimmer options and different product types. For instance, reddish-brown hues for fall, this cute quad from Holika Holika is perfect.

My go-to are eyeshadow sticks which are really convenient for travel and quick and fuss-free (some options here, and also great for that bright inner corner).
  • Primer
Korean primers are a total game-changer, with a product for every skincare concern and look (matte, glowy or poreless) that you want to achieve.

For pore control and blurring effects, Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur and the Face Shop’s velvet primer.

For optimal goddess glowiness, VDL’s primer has been touted as the very best.

For oil-control, Aritaum and Banila Co do great primers.   
  • BB Cream + CC Cream
Last but certainly not the least, the most famous Korean makeup product of all-time is BB Cream, a revolutionary all in one makeup base / suncare / skincare product that revolutionized the beauty game. Popular brands include Missha (which has released several series of BB Creams) and Etude House (my favourite is the mineral line because it works well for my sensitive skin).

CC Cream is a later evolution of BB Cream, and is used as a base to even out skintone with more emphasis on the skincare component. 

Overall, I love how well Korean makeup products work, their unique functionality and the pretty packaging certainly doesn’t hurt!

Check out my previous post on Korean Sheet Masks 101

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Korean Masks 101 (Best Buys on Amazon!)

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Korean Masks 101 

Korean skincare is amazing. Korean women are famed for their wonderful skin, in part due to their rigorous skin care regime and the social emphasis on taking care of your skin.

I love Korean skincare and have been a long-time user of Korean products. Korean skincare is affordable, innovative and the variety is amazing. That being said, the wide variety can also make it correspondingly difficult to navigate the thousands of products.

The cornerstone of Korean skincare is their ubiquitous sheet mask ranges. Sheet masks are used by Korean women a few times weekly, and there is a sheet mask for each and every skincare problem! Here are some of my favourite sheet masks:  

Apart from the usual sheet masks (some of my favourites here and here), hydrogel masks are an upgrade and makes an amazing difference in how the serum is absorbed into your skin. Some of my top picks from Nature Republic (review here) and Polatam (review here).

Korean Masks are also notorious for special and innovative ingredients such as Bee Venom (an amazing anti-aging mask to consider here) and Snail essence (which is wonderful for hydrating, good options here) and also more common (and effective) ingredients like Honey and Rose Water.

Another wonderful thing about Korean skincare is that there are always natural lines available, popular lines include Innisfree and The Saem Also, for my sensitive-skin gals, I absolutely love Aloe Vera gel as a mask, and I use it for everything from soothing sunburns to soothing hives and allergies. A great aloe vera gel I recommend from Nature Republic here

Ampoule masks are also highly recommended for those seeking an extra oomph to their sheet masks. Ampoules are the equivalent of serums and they pack a punch. A popular favourite is from the brand Mediheal and available here & here.

No post can be complete without the famed Sleeping Masks. Sleeping masks kill two birds with stone, offering lazy girls like myself an option to enhance your skin while sleeping. Highly-reviewed options include Laneige and I also enjoy the Collagen line from Etude House.

In addition, a good clay mask is always handy to have around, for oily T-zones or to keep break-outs at bay (Missha’s version here) and cult favourite from Innisfree here.  

Masks are amazing and can be a wonderful boost to your skincare regime. Happy masking everyone! ❤❤💗